New Designer! Sophia Webster's Dreamy Heels

Sophia Webster Yayoi

Check out new designer, Sophia Webster, and these DREAMY heels I can't get enough of. "A former assistant to celebrated cordwainer Nicholas Kirkwood, Sophia Webster is turning fashionable heads with her fabulous shoe collection. Expect kaleidoscopic colorways, hyper-real detailing and playful embellishment from the young designer putting the fun back into footwear."

As soon as you look at her heels you are taken into one of many dream worlds. The feeling, the color combinations, the cut, the quality. Wow.

I mean really, what more can I say? The shoes speak for themselves. And those who know me know I love a sense of humor, especially in shoes! Check out what I am guessing is a new shoe Sophia is coming out with this year, all around pencils and doodling, so cute! Click here.

I can't wait to test a pair out for myself and confirm its dreamyness to you guys!

What do you guys think?


Tina Nabati

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