Make Your Own Dinosaur Heels!

Dinosaur Instructables - 3

A couple weeks ago I was gushing about those awesomely hilarious Dinosaur platforms that were circling around the web, transforming me into a crazy detective determined to find out how I can get them on my feet. Unfortunately, they were nowhere to be found, and even the origin of the heels were not available. Fear not!!  Today I was put on to an absolutely fabulous home made pair with instructions on how to do it yourself! Weary at first, I asked how they felt and if they were walkable. Mike, the genious creative behind the Instructables, let me know his footwear model was comfortable in them all day - high five!

What a fun project! You can't help but look at the shoes and smile at the idea and chuckle at the humor behind it. So great. I salute Mike for both the challenge to make a pair and for the challenge of simply recreating a woman's heel. WERD! Check out the full post here on

If you try out the project definitely shout me out I would love to see! xx



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