Leather & Studs at Any Level... High, Med, and Flat.


So I bought these leather pants 3 years ago thinking "of course I can rock these!" and of course I never did (gah! Girl habits...). Finally last week, I cut that price tag off, jumped up and down all over my bedroom to get those suckers all the way up, and then thought "what do I wear leather with?!" It occurred to me that if I'm going to wear leather, I may as well do it up right.....STUDS!!!!! So I went out and found the perfect pairs at all heights; high heels, mid heels, and flats! Click on the pics to the left for detailed info. Also, check out how I continued to rock these great shoes on my instagram: The leather pants, The Rock & Candy Police Sneaker Wedges,  the ZigiSoho Smokey Studded Flats! I can't get enough :)

Where to buy: (please click on shoe name to be redirected) -ZigiGirl Z-Jo High Heeled Boots -Rock & Candy Police Sneaker Wedge - Currently unavailable. As soon as they are available I will be posting the info on Twitter! Click here to follow me on Twitter! -ZigiSoho Smokey Flats

Photo Credits: The awesome Carlos Remington Photography.

So addicting! #ShoeQUEENDOM