PUMA Sneaker Wedges by Mihara


The sneaker wedge trend continues! I have been seeing more and more footwear companies taking on the trend, for now and for future collections. I must say, so many of these companies are still taking on the Isabel Mirant style with absolutely no change, innovation, or new design of their own. Let's face it, if you weren't sure in 2012, then for 2013 they must be blind to not realize its officially B-O-R-I-N-G. Thankfully, some companies are doing it right, like the Nike sneaker wedge I love. I attended The AGENDA trade show in Long Beach, California this weekend and gave a visit to PUMA. I was pleased to find that one of their collaborators, Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro, went for that sneaker wedge look.

The Puma My-66 is a "lift to one of Puma's iconic basketball silhouettes with a hidden wedge heel, while perf details, a padded collar with a pair of straps across the tongue, and contrast PUMA Formstrips reference the original design."  I love these because they are so true to the puma style, sleek, and classic. Each color-way has its own charm, too.  The black color-way with the stark contrast, the orange with the big pop of color, and the white that reminds me of my elementary school days when Puma was simple yet oh-so-popular.

Now the only thing about these sneaker wedges is the 3.5" hidden wedge heel compared to other sneaker wedges at 2". So really, it makes these more like heels if you ask me.  Either way, I would ROCK THEM OWWWWWT!!


You can buy your pair here: Puma The My-66 Sneaker


About Mihara: "Quirky king of avant-garde sneakers, Japanese fashion designer Mihara Yasuhiro gets his kicks by challenging the boundaries of sport and fashion. By the late 90s, he had established himself as a footwear force with his muted, monochromatic, and distinctly urban styles. He soon entered into apparel, and later his successful partnership with PUMA in 2000. He’s a designer equally amused by geometry’s proven formulas and the unpredictability of pedestrians in metropolitan Tokyo. Somewhere within this space Mihara’s boundless imagination strikes a balance to produce a whole – shirt, bag, or sneaker – that’s grounded in logic but geared to dodge reason and surpass expectation."

The 2012 Collection: "Civilians have made stylish again something long part of the daily grind: bicycles. Mihara explores this means of motion by examining bike specs and spokes within his beloved Tokyo. He fuses cycling performance features with outdoorsy functionality: reflective, packable hoods adorn blazers and leather-patched shoulder bags roll down for swift manoeuvring. Vulcanized footwear has a velodrome-worthy grip whilst deconstructed cycling shoes are flexible and lightweight. Tying the collection together is a distressed python print, set off by oranges and yellows. It’s a season distinguished by Mihara’s constant quest for versatility and adaptability, underlined by urban panache."